EidynWell's signature online health & wellbeing programmes have been developed with the purpose of making wellbeing support and guidance available to a wider audience, based on my extensive experience in delivering group workshops and 1:1 coaching.

My content and material are rigorously science-based and we continuously integrate new research into our courses. I tackle nutrition, lifestyle and mental health in a holistic way because they influence each other and they all play a fundamental role in an individual’s overall wellbeing.

Coaching, teaching, counselling, CBT (Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy), ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy), and positive psychology techniques are blended together to offer signature online programmes with a truly unique integrative approach, delivered in a clear, competent and engaging style.

This means that if you are looking for an alternative to face-to-face support, live workshops and impersonal hard-to-follow self-help guides, EidynWell's online courses are the right solution for you.

My practical programmes will guide you through a transformational journey with simple explanations of key scientific concepts, audio tracks, captivating animated videos and homework for you to complete to pursue the change you are after.


EidynWell's school has been created out of, and nourished by, the founder’s deep passion for health and wellbeing, which is the key driver and motivation to deliver high quality online programmes.


We believe that physical and mental health exist in an integrated and interdependent balance, and that body and mind should be taken care of with a holistic approach.


Building on our psychology and wellness qualifications, we constantly refresh our knowledge with the latest scientific research about nutrition and mental health, to guarantee that our programmes are always evidence-based and up to date.


EidynWell's founder and courses author is a member of the BPS (British Psychological Society) and of the UK Health Coaches Association.


We are actively engaged with our clients, the community and any other organisation with a shared vision with the objective of continuously creating value and promoting healthy lifestyle education.


We work with respect for all people and the environment, with fairness, honesty and transparency.

Hi, I’m Federica!

I'm EidynWell's wellbeing courses' author.

After about 11 years in the corporate world, working in different countries for some leading companies such as Nestlé Nespresso and Expedia, my passion for health and psychology led me to go back to study in my 30s. Today, along with my job for a digital marketing agency, I have my own business, EidynWell, supporting companies to implement employees wellbeing policies, providing 1:1 health coaching and delivering workshops around stress control, resilience, healthy eating and mental health.

I have a very holistic approach to health, integrating nutrition, lifestyle and psychology sciences, because I believe that physical and mental health are deeply interdependant and cannot exist separately.

I'm highly passionate about bringing a multitude of evidence-based approaches together to help people in their journey towards optimal wellbeing.

I hold a BA in Business Management, a Diploma in Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching, a MSc in Psychology of Mental Health, a Certificate in Counselling and I’m also a certified Mental Health First Aider.

Do you have any questions?

Send me an email! [email protected]